About Me

Welcome to the part of  my online portfolio that tells you all you need to know about me.

I am 23 years old, currently studying Aerospace Technology in my second year at Coventry University. I enjoy the course very much as it’s given me a chance to express my ideas and learn more about the field I have a passion for.

I play three instruments: drums, piano and bass guitar. I am bilingual and recently took on two more languages to learn. I am quite active as an individual, as I don’t like sitting still (figuratively) for too long. Basketball, athletics training, FPS video games, and taking apart quadcopters to see if I can “enhance their abilities” are some of what I get up to in my free time.

Some of my proudest achievements:
  • Royal Navy Cadet Gliding Scholarship Recipient, RNAS Yeovilton
  • Air Training Corps, NCO Corporal
  • Member of the University of Birmingham Air Squadron
  • Represented Surrey Wing at the ATC Inter-wing Athletics Competition 2014
  • Member of the Student Head Team, Carshalton Boys Sports College, 2013/2014, as the School Sports Coordinator
  • Represented the Air Training Corps and the UK at the Nijmegen International Marches, 2012 and 2014. *
  • Represented Surrey Wing ATC at the WARMA Marches, Cosford, 2012 and 2014. **
  • Captain of the Sixth Form Basketball Team, Carshalton Boys Sports College
  • 100m Sprint PB of 11.5 seconds
  • Represented Therfield School, Surrey in the Regional Athletics Meet, 2010
  • EEC Faculty Student Representative, Coventry University, 2016/2017
  • Current Student Ambassador Team for Coventry University

    2014, Heron Gliding Club with the faithful Puchacz (RNAS Yeovilton)

I have always had a keen interest and obsession with anything that has to do with flying, be it as a pilot or engineer, my curiousity has always been certain.

The nature of unpredictability, and the competitive advancement that comes with the field is what keeps me attracted. Ever since the Montgolfier Brothers took a hot air balloon across Paris in 1783, things have developed quite quickly. Fast-forward about 230 years and we’re dealing with unmanned aerial vehicles, space flight & tourism, solar powered aircraft and so many more concepts that would have been deemed witchcraft 300 years prior.

Small trivia about me, my favourite aircraft: the SR-71 Blackbird, I am in awe of the level of engineering and ingenuity that went into that marvel.

The blackbird flying across the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, 1994

One of the things I love about this course is the interactive based teaching. There is a hands on approach to how the lecturers relay their knowledge of their respective fields. I’m somewhat blessed to have input from such a wide range of academics, as well as their continued guidance and influence in my future decisions.

( Click here to see the importance of the famous Nijmegen Bridge )

** My appreciation of the Spitfire and its importance to British aviation history